Steinberg Groove Agent Virtual Drummer

Let’s face it, if your music has poorly developed drums or beats in it, it just doesn’t sound as great. The beat is a very important element for any producer and that is why it is so necessary to find a virtual instrument that allows you to have a wide range of options available when crafting out unique new beats.

On top of that you also want to have the ability to replicate a “real drum” sound with the instrument and not just your typical electro beats. That is why this virtual drummer is so good. It has plenty of kits available that can give you a wide mesh up of different sounds. It has everything from hardcore electro drums all the way to ethnic sounding drums. More importantly you can play around with each of the sounds to innovate your beat.

The GUI is very easy to understand and a short learning curve is to be expected. You can connect this baby with almost any controller to really spice up your live performances. But let’s take a closer look to what it has to offer for us:

  • Customizable GUI
  • Plenty of Drum kits
  • Loads of presets
  • Several options to manipulate waveform, reverb etc.
  • Tweak up to eight drum groups separately
  • Seamless Midi connectivity
  • EQ
  • Effects

When it comes to developing beats for a song you want to be able to go where your mind takes you without running into a wall. Steinberg’s Virtual Drummer will not only allow you to go to the edge of your imagination, it will also give you the tools to fine comb your sounds with the greatest of ease.

The quality of the samples is really good which and the “real drum” kits have enough groove controls to make it sound like you have a pro drummer in studio. And for anyone interested in doing live shows with a drum machine, connecting this bad boy to your controller is easier than saying “pie”.


If you are looking for an all-around solid groove agent then you should definitely check out this one. It’s always good to find a VSTi that really gives you exactly what it promises and in the case of this Virtual drummer, there is no exception.

The step sequencer in the program is really simple to operate and even a newbie will be able to pick it up and create complex beats in no time. Yet even though it is “newbie” friendly there are certain aspects of the instrument that will appeal to producers of all calibers. The CPU usage of the Virtual Drummer is very decent meaning that your average house hold computer will be able to run it. For midi connectivity I think it works very well and has never “crapped” out or acted weird in any way. The bottom line is that if you are looking for crystal clear samples and a wide range of drum types you should definitely look at this VSTi. There are many beat makers and virtual drummers on the market but considering both price and quality, this one will definitely make it into someone’s top ten list. For a producer of any caliber this VSTi is definitely something that belongs in your arsenal, check out the demo and see how it works for you.


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ElektroStudio Or2v

The point of VSTi’s is to emulate the sound of real synthesizers. Due to technology now we have our virtual instruments and we have the ability to almost play anything we want. Yet there are some synths that haven’t been correctly recreated up to date, this isn’t the case with ElektroStudio.

Way back in the day a company named Oberheim created a two voice synthesizer and achieved what we call polyphonic sounds or multi layered sounds. In the world of real analogue synths achieving the same sound is quite difficult since every sound had its own filters and what not. But thanks to ElektroStudio you have the chance to take your polyphonic sounds to the next level.

What this awesome synth did was to take two independent synthesizers and meshed them together to provide your dual voiced sound. Not to mention that each one of them can be tweak to make completely new and interesting sounds. For those who have an abundance of creativity you’ll probably be glued to the screen for a good weekend or five.

Let’s check what’s under the hood:

  • 64 factory presets for those of us too lazy to just go and tweak it ourselves. But all in all the presets are pretty good
  • Each voice has two oscillators each and also two envelopes.
  • Equalizer
  • Plenty of adjustable knobs to tweak your sound to your liking

This synth is not your professional grade synth that you would spend money on, who are we kidding?…you’re reading the free VSTi’s so I guess money isn’t in the equation. You won’t be as versatile as some of the other free synths either. But what you will have is a classic sounding synth with a decent amount of wiggle room.


So what can we say about ElektroStudio as an overall assessment? The first thing to note is that this synth is a very specific synth and probably won’t be able to be used in all of your tracks. After hearing it, you probably have a few ideas where to use it, but in reality it is very specific to its times.  Nonetheless if you are looking for an incredibly cool vintage sound then the ElektroStudio has got something in store for you.

Luckily this isn’t a dead synth either and they still are working on making it better. At the moment it works pretty good with Ableton Live so at least you won’t have trouble using it. There could be more presets but since this synth is kind of unique there still are plenty of options to play around with.

I would get this synth only for specific projects and not for all and I’m sure that most of you would agree. I wouldn’t call it the best, not by a long shot, nor is it the most versatile thing I ever saw, but one thing that it does well is create that polyphonic sound that was incredibly difficult to do, with the greatest of ease. So in conclusion we can say that this is a decent addition to your VSTi collection and is definitely worth a try. But if you’re style of music doesn’t reflect the synth, I wouldn’t lose sleep


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Top VSTi Synths – Alionoctis

Different synths have different purposes, this we all know. Some are more for leads while others lean more towards basses and so forth. It is always a good idea to have a wide selection of synths in your arsenal so you never run into a dead end. There is nothing more frustrating of having a sound in your head that you can’t replicate in real life.

Alionoctis is a synth more dedicated to ambience. You can tweak it to make something different but in reality this one should be used to fill in the music. Ambient synths play more to mood in a song and works on establishing an underlying “feeling”. If you have a distant eerie sound resonating behind the beat and the melody you begin to create depth in your music.

Alionoctis is a definite good addition if you want to create that “undertone” in your music. There is one downside on the “free” version of this synth; you only get to have five voices for the synth and the rest you have to buy. Either way the sound quality of those five voices will definitely take your music to the next level.

Some highlights:

  • 3 PCM wave oscillators powered by 128 waveforms. Now that is just complete insanity
  • 2 resonant filters
  • LFO
  • X/Y pads
  • 64 presets

As I mentioned that this synth appeals more for ambience to widen the soundscape. Most of the presets are made for that specific purpose but with the PCM wave oscillators you can imagine how fast you could create new presets. There is a lot of options available here save for the five voices that you are limited to in the “free” version.


The first thing to mention about this synth is just how awesome it really is. It’s not your straight forward synth, it has a sense of uncommonness to it through and through. It is however a brilliant addition to your VST arsenal especially if you are looking to create depth in your tracks. You’ll have loads of fun putting in some pretty alien sounds into your music while manipulating the sound with the X-Y pads.

Even though there is a lack in voices for the “free” world and perhaps not the best VST, the fact of the matter is that the synth is in pretty good condition still. The learning curve on this synth isn’t too long either; a newbie can be producing some crazy ambience sounds within the first hour of using AlioNoctis.

The GUI of this synth is also something noteworthy. When you pop it open for the first time it almost feels like you are floating in an alien craft. Once you start producing sound you are almost convinced that you are in an alien craft. The point is that this synth is definitely worth your while especially if you’re into scoring music for film. It is so easy to create a mood for a scene with this bad boy.

When it comes to music production you always want to have the best tools in your arsenal. Alionoctis is definitely a stellar choice for anybody interested in putting some “spirit” into their music. Newbies might have some trouble at first but once you get the basics under control, I’m sure you’ll be opening new dimensions within your soundscape.


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Reason – Make the Most of Your Plugins

If you want to compose music then really should possess all types of musical instruments. There are many musical tools available for music composition but if you use a virtual application called Reason then you get everything in it which makes it easier for you to compose high quality music in less time.

You can be more creative when you use Reason software for composing music. Reason has an awesome interface which is easy to use and understand and assists in rapid music composition. Music composition with this virtual music software is easy and effective.

When engaging Reason there is no need to configure any parameters or have to connect any other musical instrument because Reason has everything in its various in-built functions. All kinds of instruments and sequencers are preinstalled in Reason.

Awesome Interface:

The VST Plugin patches in Reason 5

Reason has an outstanding user interface with many options available for its operation. Its user interface is fantastic and catchy with colored LED’s. There is rack system in this music software which allows a composer to select different types of tools and instruments they want while composing music. Rack system helps in faster music composition.

The rack system in this software can be easily organized by adding or deleting the items on it. From the rack you can even tweak or change the preset instruments or the effects. Freedom is precisely what you get with Reason when you compose music so that you can produce your musical genre.

By using this software you can do routing manually and automatically. It is very easy to connect hardware to this software for getting additional sound effects. This music software looks real with different controls.

Reason music software doesn’t have hidden screens and the sequencer collects notes and automation of all tracks that assists with fast music composition. Controlling and tweaking of external device and other components is possible with this software.

External Control:

You can use any controller or keyboard with Reason because it provides in-built support for them. Reason has Rewire technology for connecting other software’s with it and you can even use controllers as mixer and master keyboard.

There are sixteen drums and pads which are part of Kong Drum Designer in Reason. This music software also has option for analog synthesis and REX loops. Flexible routing and physical modeling is possible with this software.

With Reason software you can get banging and deep sounding kicks with the help of analog modeling kick drum. By using Synth snare drum you can change the tone, harmonic and noise while composing music.

Amazing Drums:

In this music software Synth Hi-Hat function can be used in 4 different pads. Synth Tom Tom provides different kinds of percussion sounds. By using physical bass drum you can create organic sound kicks.

This software allows you to generate natural snare drum sound due to presence of physical snare drum which can be tuned to get snare tension as well as top and bottom pitch.

Reason helps you to construct unique drums sounds through sample player while loops can be created by using REX Player. If you want to produce good music get Reason now because it has many great features. Get more info from:


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Dubstep VST Bundle – New Downloadable Tools for Modern Production

Thanks to the recent spread of the technical knowledge required to program and create VSTi instruments and effects, there is an increasing number of great Dubstep VST plugins becoming commercially available of late.

As the popularity and social demand grow for DAW-produced music increases, so has the market grown for amazing plugins to assist in the matter.

The new Plugin Bundle “Native Instruments KOMPLETE 11 Ultimate Production Suite” has come to answer the call for all those producers who want to get that awesome modern EDM and Hip Hop sound, without messing around for hours with multiple plugins. More specifically, we are talking about those Dubstep wobble bass lines, stuttering frequency jumps and bass drops.


This style of production was once limited to the original Dubstep and Grimey genres, however it has fast become the sound of the moment. All the big name DJs and producers, from all corners of the globe, are implanting this style into their tracks.

The Native Instruments KOMPLETE 11 Ultimate Production Suite VSTi plugin has made it extremely easy to produce those uber-dirty basslines, as the Bundle has a vast library of Dubstep-esqe loops, drum sounds and samples that you will ever hear; especially at the price they are asking.

After sifting through hundreds of recent releases, this appears to be the very first VSTi that can really save you time and heartache, and avoiding the necessity for an enormous amount of different plugins on your computer. A lot can be done with this one bundle.

All the frustrating technical production techniques and automation issues related to EDM has been removed with Native Instruments KOMPLETE 11 Ultimate Production Suite, Primarily thanks to the “out of the box” plug and play style loops and sounds. This element will make almost anyone sound like the big earning producers and DJs.

Why The Native Instruments KOMPLETE 11 Ultimate Production Suite is loved:

  • No packages, just download everything from their website
  • Both versions for Mac and PC appear bug-free at this stage
  • Plug and Play dubstep loops and sounds
  • Fastest and easiest plugin for the Dubstep type production sound
  • No need to master several plugins, LFO and filters etc


On top of the main Native Instruments KOMPLETE 11 Ultimate Production Suite VSTi, you get:

1. All Native Instruments KOMPLETE 11 Ultimate Production Suite Samples – I think it might be a limited offer or something, but all the .wav file samples and loops come as a free download with the main VST. All 1700 of them.

2. Multiple Licences – it seems that it doesn’t matter which operating system you use or the type of machine you own, they say you can download four different versions for the one price.

With the main VST and the thousands of original sounds, drum kits, instruments, samples and loops. I know most of you have lots already, but this will keep you going for years.

To take your live and studio music to the next level (for those who are serious) some dollars do need to be parted with sometimes. For what is included in the Native Instruments KOMPLETE 11 Ultimate Production Suite bundle, for such a tiny amount, this is one that everyone should have in the arsenal. And don’t let the video on the seller’s website get to you…

This Plugin (and Bundle) has set the bar for VST’s that actually do a lot of the hard work for you, enabling even the most inexperienced producer to sound like a high-paid pro. Definitely worth checking out further, so click the blue link to go to


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