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ElektroStudio Or2v

The point of VSTi’s is to emulate the sound of real synthesizers. Due to technology now we have our virtual instruments and we have the ability to almost play anything we want. Yet there are some synths that haven’t been correctly recreated up to date, this isn’t the case with ElektroStudio.

Way back in the day a company named Oberheim created a two voice synthesizer and achieved what we call polyphonic sounds or multi layered sounds. In the world of real analogue synths achieving the same sound is quite difficult since every sound had its own filters and what not. But thanks to ElektroStudio you have the chance to take your polyphonic sounds to the next level.

What this awesome synth did was to take two independent synthesizers and meshed them together to provide your dual voiced sound. Not to mention that each one of them can be tweak to make completely new and interesting sounds. For those who have an abundance of creativity you’ll probably be glued to the screen for a good weekend or five.

Let’s check what’s under the hood:

  • 64 factory presets for those of us too lazy to just go and tweak it ourselves. But all in all the presets are pretty good
  • Each voice has two oscillators each and also two envelopes.
  • Equalizer
  • Plenty of adjustable knobs to tweak your sound to your liking

This synth is not your professional grade synth that you would spend money on, who are we kidding?…you’re reading the free VSTi’s so I guess money isn’t in the equation. You won’t be as versatile as some of the other free synths either. But what you will have is a classic sounding synth with a decent amount of wiggle room.


So what can we say about ElektroStudio as an overall assessment? The first thing to note is that this synth is a very specific synth and probably won’t be able to be used in all of your tracks. After hearing it, you probably have a few ideas where to use it, but in reality it is very specific to its times.  Nonetheless if you are looking for an incredibly cool vintage sound then the ElektroStudio has got something in store for you.

Luckily this isn’t a dead synth either and they still are working on making it better. At the moment it works pretty good with Ableton Live so at least you won’t have trouble using it. There could be more presets but since this synth is kind of unique there still are plenty of options to play around with.

I would get this synth only for specific projects and not for all and I’m sure that most of you would agree. I wouldn’t call it the best, not by a long shot, nor is it the most versatile thing I ever saw, but one thing that it does well is create that polyphonic sound that was incredibly difficult to do, with the greatest of ease. So in conclusion we can say that this is a decent addition to your VSTi collection and is definitely worth a try. But if you’re style of music doesn’t reflect the synth, I wouldn’t lose sleep